XCR 2.0 Recumbent Bike

Fast Release Adjustable Seat
Multi-Grip Heart Monitor
Oversized Seat
Self Powered Motor

“After getting injured and hurting my knee most if not all cardio equipment was a pain to besides recumbent bikes. The XCR 2.0 is low impact and let’s me exercise without any pain, even my husband uses it. If you just want a nice recumbent bike or are recovering from and injury I think you should give this a shot!” ~Rebecca F.

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Final Solution

Just Sit Back And Ride

Quality and comfort are important to us and with the XCR 2.0 that’s exactly what you’ll get. Including a adjustable seat with slotted backrest, oversized pedals with an adjustable strap you are in control when it comes to how you ride. Never be restricted again by the dreaded size issue where you couldn’t adjust your bike properly due to the old fashioned adjustable notches. With the XCU 2.0 you just hold and release when you find your most comfortable position!.

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