XMB Spin Bike

Multi 4 Point Adjustments
Magnetic Resistance
Silent Ride Technology
Over-sized Tubular Frame Design for Strength & Stability

“The XMB Magnetic Bike is really sturdy, quiet and perfect for my morning workouts I do before heading in to work. Highly recommend this bike if you are looking to ride at home” ~Lisa M.

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Extra Features

Unparalleled Quality

The XMB has a long standing history of being a quality bike in the indoor biking industry. With the XMB gives you Magnetic Resistance, Silent Ride Technology, with a thick gauge steel frame that is built to last. New features added to the XMB include Aluminum rail adjustments on seat and neck posts. Aluminum won’t rust so as you begin the break a sweat during your spin bike workout, you can rest assured that your bike won’t fall apart like a 1991 old pick up truck driven on salt roads in the middle of a Minnesota winter.

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