XCU 2.0 Upright Bike

Self-Powered Generator
Comfort Design
Wide-Range Adjustability
Smooth Ride System

“I was skeptical at first when they told me that the XCU 2.0 had a self-powered generator. The previous bikes that had that feature were always really loud and obnoxious. When I tried out the XCU 2.0 I was shocked, not only was it quiet but it was also amazingly comfortable.” ~Fred B.

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Final Solution

Be Superior

The big brother to the XCU has arrived! With a sleek jet black finish the XCU 2.0 not only boasts style, but quality. The XCU 2.0 is made with a thick steel frame that is built to last. Features include a instant start self-powered generator, multi adjust seat, large strap pedals, heart rate monitoring, etc. Working out shouldn’t be a chore, rediscover how fitness should be.

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